Prophylaxis: prevention instead of repair

Regular prophylaxis is the best preventative way to conserve teeth. We want to prevent damage from occurring. Which is why we help you to take the right precautions against dental and mandibular disorders.
Caries and periodontitis are almost never inevitable disorders. If you have regular check-ups, have your teeth cleaned professionally, take care of oral hygiene and eat a healthy diet, you will be significantly less affected.

Our precautionary measures for you

Professional cleaning

Problems with teeth and gums can be detected and treated early by having your teeth cleaned professionally.

For maximum caries and periodontitis protection we determine the degree of inflammation and tendency for the gums to bleed. We remove harmful calculus and eliminate unwanted discolouration due to nicotine, coffee, red wine or tea. We polish the teeth so bacteria cannot adhere to the tooth surfaces.

A highly concentrated fluoride protection lacquer completes our professional cleaning session. Fluoride makes the tooth enamel more resistant to acid attacks.

Please let us know if you are taking homoeopathic remedies; we can then find alternatives to fluoridisation, which also protect the enamel.

Our experienced, caring assistants will show you how to improve your oral hygiene and thus contribute to conserving your teeth.

Bacterial status

With recurring gum problems we recommend our patients take a bacteria test. Once we have the results we can take specific action against the bacteria.

The test also allows us to determine the number of bacteria in the mouth that cause caries and therefore assess and minimise the caries risk.

Fissure sealing

First we remove carious areas of ridged molars with a laser (no discolouration). Then we seal the deep dental fissures with a special nanohybrid synthetic material. This prevents the influx of bacteria, lowers the risk of caries and improves our options for cleaning the teeth.

With minimally invasive laser treatment no healthy tooth structure is damaged.

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