Anxious patients: gentle treatments and compassionate care

Don’t worry – there’s no need to be ashamed. You’re not alone. Around 75 per cent of people are afraid of going to the dentist. Fifteen per cent experience panic attacks when they merely think of the dentist’s chair and the drilling noises. And the remaining ten per cent are certainly not happy about having a dental appointment. 

So why not try our laser treatments – they often work wonders on anxious patients and provide some compelling benefits.

For example, you have a hole in your tooth. Caries. Instead of a conventional drill we use a gentle laser. For you this means no whistling turbine noises, no unpleasant vibrations. Laser treatments are absolutely painless. Injections are normally unnecessary.

There is no reason why you should go into hiding with dental problems. We are very experienced in caring for and treating anxious patients and use the very latest methods.

Together we can find the perfect solution to suit you, for a relaxed, anxiety-free dental appointment. Please contact us to discuss your options.


Anxiety – no thanks

Together we can take control of your anxiety. We have specialised in anxious patients for more than 25 years. We can take away the tension and build a relationship based on trust.

  • Gentle treatment methods, such as by laser
  • Compassionate, personalised care from our experienced team
  • Detailed advice and specific attention to your personal condition and situation
  • Mental relaxation and hypnosis techniques
  • Naturopathic support, such as Bach flower remedies
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