Non-prep veneers – naturally perfect teeth

Non-prep veneers are wafer-thin ceramic layers used to correct the shape and colour of the front teeth.

The veneers are produced to fit precisely and in the desired design and without grinding the teeth down beforehand, they adhere firmly to the tooth surface.

With the least amount of impact on the natural tooth structure, they make the front of each tooth appear flawless. They look absolutely natural.

Veneers provide a quick and easy way to conceal discolouration, misaligned teeth and excessive interdental spaces (front tooth gap) but also extended fillings, teeth that are irregular, crooked or too short, and chips and cracks in the enamel.

Without drills, without injections and without pain our patients acquire just the smile they have always wanted in only two sessions. With careful preparation and a silicone impression we can predict the subsequent result precisely. If you wish, you can have a temporary version fitted to try out first.

With her special advanced training Dr Beatrix Lenz is also effective in providing non-prep veneers. Since 2010 she has fitted them to several hundred patients.

Benefits of non-prep veneers:

  • Perfect teeth in just two sessions
  • A permanent alternative to bleaching
  • Comfortable and well tolerated, as you still use your own teeth to chew (no changes in bite)
  • No need for time-consuming, often unpleasant operations, such as injections or teeth grinding
  • Can also be used on children, such as after a fall and chipped teeth
  • Can be easily removed again by laser, as the teeth are not ground down
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