Laser bleaching

Teeth whitening by laser: quick, painless and efficient

So you can’t stand looking at the effects of cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine or antibiotics on your teeth any more? Make an appointment with us. In recent years we have carried out more than 2,000 laser bleaching operations.

With laser bleaching we restore your gleaming white teeth in only half an hour or so.

It’s painless, very efficient and long lasting. Our experienced, highly trained staff have been lasering whole sets of teeth since 2014 – so your teeth will gleam in the shade you desire even faster than ever. For a perfect treatment result only one session is usually required.

With laser bleaching you have no side effects to worry about, compared with other bleaching methods, where hypersensitive reactions occur and the tooth structure suffers.

Plus, you don’t have to wear annoying braces.


How laser bleaching works

First we apply a coloured layer of active gel to the teeth. We then expose this to the rays of a laser. The focused laser light activates the ingredient in the gel gently and conservatively. This substance removes certain darkening pigments from the tooth structure.

Gel crystals penetrate the tooth due to the laser energy, and the tooth structure begins to whiten from the inside.

After about 30 minutes of laser bleaching the teeth appear significantly brighter than with other methods and they do so for a prolonged period.

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