Laser treatment: take advantage of the various application options

Laser bleaching

With laser bleaching we make your teeth whiter in only about half an hour. Painlessly and highly efficiently.

Drilling without drills

With lasers we treat without using drills, without injections, without contact and without unpleasant noises.

Periodontitis treatment

Thanks to highly efficient laser systems, patients have to put up with far less stress today.

Gum contouring

With gum contouring, we can achieve very good results with the laser. Minimal bleeding, conservative, sterile.

Sensitive teeth and dental necks

If cold or hot items cause pain, the laser can help.

Root canal treatment

Hard on bacteria, gentle on the tooth – with this laser treatment the affected tooth can often be saved.


Our soft lasers promote circulation and stimulate self-healing capacity. They relieve inflammation and pain.

Blood clotting disorder

Problem-free treatments even for patients taking anticoagulants.

Other application areas

Herpes, mouth ulcers and cold sores – lasers ensure significantly faster healing.

Production of crowns

Laser treatment of gums before taking the impression enhances the quality of crowns.


With lasers we can prepare the mucous membrane after the initial healing stage without contact and without pain.

Laser surgery

No more scalpels; by using a laser we can carry out surgical interventions.

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